Mary Anne CaibaiosaiBIOGRAPHY

Mary Anne was born Anishnaabe (Ojibway) and raised by French Canadian foster parents in northern Ontario. She has been capturing the pride and dignity of her Aboriginal ancestors since she was young. Mary Anne graduated from a Creative Arts Program in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario yet much of her talent comes naturally. Her portraits are her forte, yet it is her paintings that tell the stories of Aboriginal peoples’ connection to the land and traditions.

Mary Anne has traveled to and painted stories of the lives of Indigenous peoples of Canada, the United States and South America, where historical and current events have affected and still shape many aspects of Indigenous peoples’ lives. Mary Anne believes that educating her audience through art will create a broader and better understanding of Indigenous life as it was and how it is today. She is regularly invited to schools to speak with students and to tell her story.

Mary Anne’s artwork is held in Private and Public collections in Canada and abroad. Her list of shows range from private Open Houses to Group Exhibits at galleries in Canada, the U.S., and United Arab Emirates. Mary Anne’s artistic experience and knowledge have led her to participate as a Jurist in a number of National art initiatives and to accept personal and corporate commissions.

In addition to practicing her art, Mary Anne balances her life by leading and partaking in spiritual traditional ceremonies and offering counseling services to help others.

For private viewings and questions about private commissions Mary Anne can be contacted at 613-870-2148 (cell) or by email,

For more information on Mary Anne’s past exhibits, please see her Accomplishments page.